Monday, July 17, 2006

Not Sure I See It

You know, I guess Yung Joc really is getting famous because he's already been linked to a female celebrity. I heard it's really been going down between him and his labelmate, Cassie. According to HipHopDX, Cassie has been dating a rapper, but they weren't too sure who it was. That shows you how fly I am. I got the real dirt. The two Bad Boy artists have been seen getting all hugged up at certain parties and Joc had this to say about NextSelection's princess in this month's VIBE magazine,

"Cassie's sound and persona embody something special. She's like that fresh new fragrance everyone needs to go get. The girls wanna wear it, and dudes love it."

Now ya'll know Diddy is not having this shit. He can't have his artist's being distracted. He's so desperate, he's getting in the studio and making another album for himself. Singing, even!


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