Monday, December 11, 2006

Weezy Still Talkin Shit!

You know, it sickens me that the two days I took off from The Fury are the same days that I should have been here cursing certain people out. Celebs have been looking and acting a mess this past weekend. This bitch Lil' Wayne in particular. If you haven't heard, Weezy decided to run his mouth off in Complex magazine making some pretty disrespectful comments about The Clipse, Pharrell, and - the mostly talked about - Jay-Z. Yes, the same Jay-Z that he was mentally dick-riding about a week ago. Anyway, more recently, Wayne called in to DJ Absolut's show up at Hot 97 to continue his whine fest. Check out his quote:

“I think I speak for everybody when I say [hip-hop's] not dead as long as I’m still dropping albums...I'm better than this game. We could be having this conversation about any other person in this game. It was who I was asked about at this time. Ya'll trying to build a case on me. But I tell you what. If you build a case against me and take me to trial, I will beat it."

Oh for the love of Blistex, please shut the hell up! Shouldn't you be somewhere stuntin' like your boyfriend? I don't understand why you're talking so much shit when you just admitted to kissing a burly nigga named "Baby". Sit down!


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