Saturday, January 13, 2007

Future Thugs

Jim Jones didn't really seem to take the cover of Tru Life's new mixtape lightly. The image of him dressed in a Borat-inspired slingshot bathing suit was difficult for all of us to bear. So, how does a rapper in 2007 get back at such a cynical move? Screw a diss record, they use technology, bitch! Not only did the Dipset camp transform Tru's original mixtape cover into the one above (Hey, Fraggle!), but they also hacked into his myspace page warping everything into a completely embarassing mess. All that has been fixed now and although I don't condone such childish behavior between grown men, let's not act like Jimmy didn't 1-Up Lizzy this time around. Check out screenshots of the tainted page below.


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