Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh Bitch, Please!

A new "American Idol" won't be crowned until May, but there's one competition Sanjaya Malakar has already won -- the Halle Berry Lookalike Contest!

While Sanjaya's vocal talents have people calling him the next Antonella Barba (minus the scantily clad pics--we hope), there's no denying the 17-year-old has Halle's Oscar-winning tousled brown locks. Best Performance by a Singer with a Curling Iron. [ source ]

TMZ.com has Halle Berry fucked up! Now, I don't watch American Idol anymore, so I don't know who this Salami Mac dude is, but I know for damn sure he does not resemble my girl, Halle. He looks more like an exotic version of Johnny Tsunami.


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