Monday, October 01, 2007

Back In Action?

I'm still not giving up hope on Miss Trina, people. Any woman who can make an advance from the strip club into a successful rap career in addition to moving past a weekly dick 'em down session with Lil' Wayne doesn't deserve to be overlooked.

The picture above is a brand new shot of The Baddest Bitch taken for Miami's Ocean Drive Magazine. Homegirl, looks pretty damn good! I also hear that her new song, "Single Again", is doing well (bullshit -- that song is garbage). So, Trina and Slip-N-Slide are giving her fans the opportunity to create their own video to the song. I don't really care, so I'll just give you this link in case you're interested.

Looks like Trina is back at it. Anyone believe her?


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