Monday, July 17, 2006

Return of the Dragon?

Much to my own dismay, I picked up on a rumor that Sisqo has finally gotten off of Ricky Martin's head & shaft and has completed a new album.

"From what I understand, Sisqo's new album is just about finished. In late June, there was a listening party at a lounge in downtown Baltimore. Supposedly, a new single titled "Who's Your Daddy?" has already been released, although I have yet to hear it on any radio station. With regard to the album, it is said to feature production from Timbaland, Nokio, and some of the in-house producers who worked on Dru Hill's albums as well as Sisqo's solo records. The album is titled "Last Dragon" and will be released on Dragon Ent. and distributed by a major label (I'm not sure exactly which one)."

What have I done to deserve this? Wait, that's probably a bad question.


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