Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just Kickin' It

Three days after the arrest of Busta Rhymes, the alleged assault victim has decided to speak up, claiming that Busta and members of his entourage kicked him in the face. Ouch.

The 19 year old man, who identified himself as Roberto Lebron, admitted to the New York Daily News Monday that he did spit on Busta's car, but it was unintentional.

"Me and my friends were walking across the street. I spit on the street and it landed on a moving car. It was a Maybach. That car stopped, along with two black SUVs," Lebron explained to the Daily News. "People came out and they were walking up to me. We realized it was Busta Rhymes."

"He asked me, 'Homie, did you spit on my car?' I said 'Sorry, I didn't mean to. We're big fans of yours.' That was the last thing I said," Lebron recounted. "One of his people hit me in the face and I fell on the ground and then Busta came over to finish the job."

According to Lebron, Busta and his associates kicked and punched him and then took his Nike sneakers off his feet and tossed them away. The rapper's crew purportedly kept Lebron's three friends from coming to help him and then ran off after about two minutes. [ SOHH.com ]

So, I guess Busta really did kick someone's ass. Now, I don't feel so bad for him. I mean, damn nigga - It's just spit. A little bit of Armor All would've had that shit lookin good as new.


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