Friday, September 01, 2006

The 2006 VMA Report

I'm not going to waste too much time on this subject. Last night's VMA's was quite possibly the most boring show that MTV has given in years.

Let's just talk performances. Justin Timberlake's opening was fun...I guess. I was feeling the new track, "My Love", that he started off with, but once he got into "Sexy Back", I started to forget where we were. Beyonce neither suprised me, nor did she dissappoint me with her set. It was everything I thought it would be (yawn). I absolutely loved Missy's flashback performance of "The Rain" video. Fingerwaves and oversized Glad bags are always a party-starting combo. However, am I the only one who saw her get hit in the head by that umbrella at the intro? Then she got stuck in the pimped out Big Wheel. Something always goes awry when Missy's onstage. Overall, I think Christina Aguilera's display stood out the most. It was simple, and the strength of her voice is probably still being talked about. Even though P!NK kind of picked on her Marilyn Monroe hairdo when she came out later.

As for the comic relief, Jack Black is a big greasy waste of space. Maybe I just don't understand the genius of his comedy, but until someone enlightens me, I say he's garbage. Sarah Silverman upset me. She is usually a card, but her attempt to burn Paris Hilton last night was pathetic. It was so quiet and laughless, the crickets didn't even chirp. They just packed up their shit and left. I'm not even gonna comment on The Jackass Boys. They'll all be dead soon enough, so I'll save the time.

So, like I said the VMAs were fucking sad. VIBE Awards here I come.


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