Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trina Comments on Khia

Since Khia's flea-bitten ass got to speak her mind in the various media outlets that put up with her, I feel that people should hear what Trina has to say about their beef. Here is a quote from a recent interview Rashmi Shastri held with the CEO of the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee.

First of all I would say that she don’t know me and second of all I rap about things that are believable and happen everyday in everybody’s life it’s just that so many people are in denial about their lives whether they are hustling money from a dude, dancing or on the street, that’s all reality to me. I’m fly, I’ve always been fly, I like nice things like money, diamonds and cars. I take care of myself and get it on my own and these are the things I aim for and I’m true to myself. For somebody like her that is a nobody, how can she say I don’t respect myself when her first song is about licking her neck and back and crack? Excuse me if I’m wrong but I don’t see any Christian song come out of her so how dare she contradict herself and say anything about me. She’s not at the level she wants to be at in her career and talking about me was a publicity stunt because she supposedly had an album that came out. My records have gone way past gold so I’ve had no reason to disrespect another female artist to get myself known; I’ve worked hard for it. Until she does some of the things I’ve done and can show something she’s done in this game, nobody cares what she has to say.

I don’t even want to give you all this attention because this is the most press you’ve ever had but since you wanna keep talking about me I need to say something to let you know that I’m a landslide ahead of you. You ain’t done nothing that the world should be aware of – shut up.

Yeah, bitch. Shut up!


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