Monday, August 28, 2006

You Gets Da Boot!

I think it's safe to say that Miss Jones is the most hated radio personality in the nation. I've never heard of anyone having so many different celebrity beefs so frequently. In the past few weeks she has had public feuds with Monica, Cassie, Christina Milian, and now...Beyoncé. Had to happen sometime. Apparently, Jonesy and Be' along with her mother, Tina, bumped into each other in the Hot 97 building and had a bit of a falling out. Click here to listen. So, the station decided to suspend Miss Jones for two weeks. YES! I'm happy to see that bitch leave and I pray that they don't bring her big ass back. Let her go get a job at KFC, being one of them hoes that fry the chicken and sneak a thigh in their pocket when nobody's looking. I'll be there taking an order everyday just to piss her off. Like, "Bitch, where is my biscuit?".

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