Friday, August 25, 2006

Everybody Hates Rocsi

I still don't understand BET's motives in their decision to constantly switch around the hosts of their programs, but I hope to God that Terrence and Rocsi are on their way out some time soon. Terrence isn't so bad in that he has a bland personality that consists of mostly crooked smiles and stuttering New York lingo, but that bitch Rocsi is like ringworm - irritating, and incredibly hard to get rid of. Back when she was in the audition phase of the BET New Faces contest, she was put in a room where she was asked to interview rapper, Jim Jones. He was difficult as expected, so she decided to ask him some disrespectful questions out of spite. The look on his face said, "I'd slap the shit out of you right now, but I need a bitch to braid my hair and you're the only one around." I was suprised when the producers chose her as a winner anyway, but I shook it off. Now, just as I predicted, Rocsi is tap-dancing on more celebrity nerves. On today's episode of 106 & Park, Diddy came through to promote his new girl group, Danity Kane (boo!). Near the end of the interview Diddy tried to get a few loud words in, but was interrupted by Rocsi who said, "He's trying to steal the show". Wrong one to fuck with, homie. After a lingering side-eye, partially concealed by the usual pair of shades, Diddy made a comment like, "I'm going to go easy on her, because she's new", then in an effort to change the subject, he quickly congratulated the hosts on their accomplishments. I didn't tune in much further than that. So obviously this Chicago rookie is stepping on a few toes, but she'll learn. Keyshia Cole is bound to run into her someday.


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dis jcdadon an i dont kno who tryin 2 bash my boo but who ever u are we need 2 see yo face.who are u? an what do u do? talkin bout diddy(get off his nutts). be 4 i bitch slap u

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