Monday, August 28, 2006

Attack of the One Hit Wonders

I guess I'm going crazy, because I thought that when an artist puts out a well-accepted song, they usually have an album that postdates it. That doesn't seem to be so for these musicians.

Cheri Dennis
I knew I wasn't going to like this young lady the day that I saw that damn angelfish hairdo of hers and the demon tattooed on her right
chesticle. I suppose the rest of Black America felt differently, seeing as how her song, "I Love You", stacked up some impressive radio spins and was sliding up and down BET's Top 10 countdown for weeks. So, how does she satisfy her miniscule fan base? She grinds on her boss ( by the way, that shit was not cute ). Her self-titled album was due out June 13th. What happened, ma? Oh're signed to Bad Boy. Okay, that explains everything.

Lil' Jon
This nigga left the sanctum of his beloved crunk music to attract the high school teens who were snapping and leaning to the music of Dem French Fries Boyz and D4L . He was doing well with the "snap music" shit, too. His single, "Snap Ya Fingers", was tearing up the charts, clubs, and hell I even bought the ringtone. So, where is the Crunk Rock CD we were promised? Don't worry it will be out October Japan! How the fuck? What, your big ass eyes can't see what country you're in? Married life must have Jon dazed and confused.

Black Buddafly
Okay, I kind of understand why these ladies have yet to have an album drop. You can't really walk around looking like
Cheetara and the Thundercat Hoes without gaining bad publicity. It doesn't work like that. On the other hand, the young German singers are very attractive and their debut single "Rock-A-Bye" wasn't a hit, but it was enjoyed. I blame RSMG. Russell needs to do less yoga and more promotion.

All I'm saying is if you artists aren't going to give us the albums you promise, then sit your asses on the sideline and leave the spotlight space for someone worth our time. Shit.


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