Monday, August 28, 2006

Lil' Kim Stealing Lyrics

Fresh out the federal building, Lil' Kim is being sued by reggae artist, Tanya Stephens, for allegedly stealing her song, "Mi and Mi God".

According to The New York Post, Stephens' suit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court last week, claims Kim stole lyrics from her 1997 song "Mi and Mi God" and used them on the song "Durty", which is featured on the rapper's 2005 album, The Naked Truth.

The suit also claims Kim (born Kimberly Jones) flew Stephens to New York in 1999 to sing on one of her earlier albums and revealed she was a fan of the reggae singer when they officially met by singing "Mi and Mi God."

Stephens is seeking to gain ownership of "Durty" and receive all past and future royalties. [
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I knew Kim wanted to be Jamaican, but damn.


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