Friday, September 08, 2006

You Have The Right to Remain Stupid!

50 Cent was arrested two hours ago in Midtown Manhattan, New York. He was pulled over near the Penninsula Hotel after officers noticed him driving his Lamborghini erratically. Not only was the rapper taken into the south precint, but he also recieved traffic citations for an unsafe lane change, no plates, driving without insurance, and an expired license. What a dumbass. First of all, he's black and he's driving an expensive car; that's more than enough reason for five-o to pull your ass over. Then he wants to practice for Nascar on the NY street without a valid license. Niggas...

Another locked up fool is DJ Khaled, who was arrested yesterday for possesion of marijuana at the NFL Kickoff Concert in South Beach, Miami. The concert featured Diddy and other Bad Boy artists with Khaled as the jockey for the event. Now why the hell can't you get high when you go home, idiot?


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