Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ABC Apologizes to Chamillionaire

The ABC television network has sent an apology to Master Splinter Chamillionaire after they cancelled an interview with him on the news talk show, 20/20. The episode was meant to touch the topic of racial profiling which the Houston rapper expressed his feelings for in his latest hit, "Ridin'". The video for the record was this year's winner of Best Rap Video at MTV's Video Music Awards, and in his acceptance speech, Chamilitary Man addressed the situation saying,

"Yesterday, I was supposed to do an interview for '20/20' for the song 'Ridin', about racial profiling, and they canceled it, and that ruined my week, you know what I'm saying,I do want to say, this award just made my year. ... The best thing about this award - nobody can cancel this."

According to ABC, the show was scratched by the network entirely and they did not want to waste Chamillionaire's time.


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