Monday, October 02, 2006

Letting It All Hang Out

It seems to me that ever since Ms. Nasty had her "wardrobe malfunction" back in 2004, she's been showing off those chesticles a little too often. I can only speak for myself here and since that is the case, I'll just say that the girls aren't doing much for me anymore, Janet. It could be that I already saw one over 2 years ago; it could be that they're starting to sag a little; maybe it's because I know JD likes to cup them in his mouth on the weekends. I'm not completely sure why, but your chest isn't getting me "So Excited". Sorry.

Let's switch the course of the conversation, shall we? I heard that Janet Jackson is planning an on-stage reunion with her partner in boobie-baring crime, Justin Timberlake, during "some sort of big, live show like the Grammys or the Oscars". This would just be a publicity stunt, of course. I'm sure representatives for both artists are lookin for a boost in album sales. I find the whole idea to be a cornball fest.

pics from Janet's album release party


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