Thursday, December 21, 2006

.. Rumor Mill ..

The Mystery of the DL HoodStar
Okay, so there are some fresh new rumors of a certain nameless rapper who was spotted in a gay club in the Los Angeles area recently. Allegedly, the dude entered the prodominately black party with his usual entourage, where he proceeded to dance with several gay men. When another partygoer eyed this mystery rap star he made sure to capture a few photos of him via cell phone. That person was then supposedly snatched up by the rapper who quickly grabbed the phone and destroyed it. According to Real Rumors, the suspect is an artist that was accused of being gay/bisexual not too long ago. Hmmm...I wonder who it is. (*cough* Daddy's Angel *cough*)

The National Skeezer Network
So, I hear Jezabel Ho'Mishia Carter Sr. aka Carmen Bryan bka Nas' baby mama is working on her own reality show. The series will be centered around her little pathetic ass book, It's No Secret, and all of the negativity and strife she's facing, and how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of Jay-Z's dick. Who cares? Just let me know when they air the episode where Superhead bitchslaps Carmen out of jealousy.

Everybody Hates Cheapskates
This is exclusive. Apparently, rapper Fabolous likes to dine on a nice Cheddar Bay Biscuit from time to time. He was spotted at a local Miami Red Lobster a while back where, in usual rap fashion, he flooded the restaurant with his bodyguards, homeboys, and some "ugly" bitch. After a long meal served by a great waiter (who will remain nameless), Fab's check came out to $200. This dude had the nerve to leave the server a $6 tip. What's up with that? I hope he's saving up to finally fix that damn tooth.


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