Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is Alicia Keys a Stan?

Alicia Keys has publicly applauded old pal Beyonce for her Golden Globe Best Actress nomination-because she feels the singer/actress could herald a new era of "triple-threat" stars. She says, "I can't wait to see Beyonce in "Dreamgirls. I think, going back in that direction now, and to be able to encompass so many styles, and do it with so much class, is fantastic. I've known Beyonce for a while. We did meet each other when we were on Columbia (record label), where they did retreats and they would show the different artists who were coming out. We got a chance to hang out then. I think we feel the same way about being able to express ourselves. She's a great lady."

Alicia, I love you and everything, but if you kiss Beyonce's ass any harder we might have a problem. You don't want Jay-Z to have to ring the alarm, now do you?


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