Friday, February 23, 2007

Nick Cannon Married?

Life is wierd. I take a small break from the gossip ring and all of a sudden I'm totally ignorant to the fact that marriage is the new hot shit on the Hollywood streets. I would have never guessed.

I didn't even know that Nick Cannon and Victorias Secret's new angel, Selita Ebanks, were a couple. Oh wait, they've only been dating for 3 weeks - that explains it. I hear the two met here in Miami (the new land of celebrity trash - thanks!) during Superbowl Weekend, and after a brief courtship they decided to have a secret wedding in Las Vegas for All Star Weekend.

I had more faith in you Selita, but now I have to bash your dumbass whenever possible. As for you, Nick - I already knew you were lame. I don't know what these hoes see in you, but I guess having a grown man cry in bed lights this chick's fire.

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Ozone: How did you meet?

Groupie: I met him at an after party that was held in a club I use to work at.

Ozone: So what happened?

Groupie: We talked for awhile, had a few drinks and what not, then a few hours later he said he was leaving to go to his hotel room and asked if I wanted to come with him. I was all for it so I went with him.

Ozone: How was it?

Groupie: He's okay. Not the best lay I've had, but he wasn't that bad either. What really scared me is when he busted he cried. I was like okay this guy is weird.

Ozone: How long did you mess with him?

Groupie: For like 2 months.

Ozone: So you would recommend him?

Groupie: If you can deal with his crying, yeah I guess.

Ozone: Are there any celebrities you would want to sleep with?

Groupie: Yes, a whole lot more.

Ozone: So would you be offended if someone called you a groupie?

Groupie: No, I'll laugh.


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