Monday, March 19, 2007

Spit Yo' Game!

A taxi driver swears to the following: Last week, he was driving Terrence Howard , who's been dating Naomi Campbell, and "a tall blond woman. He was talking very loudly and said, 'I want you to pop the zits on my back with your teeth,' and then leaned forward and yelled at me, 'And you can tell Page Six!' Nasty." Well, the driver told us. But a rep for Howard says it must have been a doppelganger, as Howard "was in New York but wasn't in a taxi." [ source ]

See, The-One-We-Call-Slickback is a professional at sex talk. He knows just what to say to make a woman's coochie quiver. There is no need for his reps to deny it. Pimples weren't the only things popping in the back of that cab; freaks!


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