Wednesday, April 25, 2007

.. Rumor Mill ..

Pop Them Bottles!
Well, I hear that Jay-Z may be swinging back into the UK to work with that drunk ass bitch that I love so much, Amy Winehouse. Folks even say that he may think of "breaking" Amy in the US by tossing her deal a with Def Jam. As if he doesn't have a million other artists that can't pay their phone bills as it is. Anyway, if the rumors are true, then there is probably a remix to Amy's "Rehab" track featuring the Camel Sultan out there somewhere.

Back Then Hoes Didn't Want Him...
It's bad enough that I have to look at Mike Jones' face when I accidentally flick past MTV Jams; I didn't need to see him doing doggystyle. What would possess Mr. Jones to film himself having sex is way beyond me. I don't even understand why any female would allow that creature to mount them the way he does. If you want to spoil your lunch, you can check out Mike and his sex tape
right over here! NSFW!

Get Money Bitch
I gotta hand it to Kim Kardashian for making it on my Top 10 Money-Hungry Hoes List for 2006-2007. She moved from a fling with Nick Cannon, to her infamous relationship with Ray-J, to a quick hook-up with Marques Houston, and now I hear that Reggie Bush is next to catch "The Clap". Yep, Reg was spotted with Kimmy at an NFL party and its obvious what he was getting into that night - crabs!


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