Monday, June 04, 2007

Get Over It

That damn Trina. I have so much love for her, but I'm at the edge of a cliff with this Lil' Wayne break-up garbage. You know when one of your good friends ends a relationship with someone and won't shut the fuck up about it? Then you feel obligated to bust a bottle over their head and snap them back into reality. That's where I stand with Katrina.

This new record, "So Many Memories", is a new installment to the miserable aftershock of the split. Trina raps of the media attention she and Weezy had, the tattoo she placed on her wrist for him, and the son she carried for Wayne that never made it. Granted, they may have had something significant, but this is like a Hip-Hop As the World Turns. Move on!

Play Me: Trina - So Many Memories

Update: Weezy F has another track out directed at his ex-girl. What the hell is wrong with these fools? Listen to it here.


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