Friday, June 15, 2007


Okay, A: When the hell did Karrine Steffans start her own website and why? B: When the hell did the bitch publish a second book? I thought she didn't matter anymore. Oh, Jehovah!

So, in the latest entry to her video diary, LoosePuss whines about being tired and frustrated and blah blah! Upside down fellatio can take a lot out of a woman, I hear. So, here's the kicker: In the middle of her meaningless speech, out busts "Bobby Brown is alseep on my sofa"! And sure enough the King of R&B is shown knocked out on her furniture with his potbelly drooping out. Father, can you hear me?

BTW: Did that hoe say she is coming to Miami? I got something for her when she hops off the plane.


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