Friday, June 08, 2007

Jayonce Super Label Details

Def Jam Records has been buzzing lately. In case you didn't know, Jay-Z's contract of presidency with the label expires in a few months and folks have been wondering if he planned on staying or walking away from the Jam. Then there came the rumor that Jay and his wifey Beyoncé will be starting their own super record label. Well, that is true.

According to my sources inside the company, the couple have partnered with Apple/iTunes and Music World Entertainment to get the label off of the ground. The catch is that Jay will have the rights to carry over every artist he has signed and/or re-signed to Def Jam since becoming president. That means, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Nas, Rick Ross, Kanye, Lady Sovereign, among others will be moving with him.

Beyoncé, who recently re-released B'Day, will wrap-up her deal with Sony after releasing two new albums. One being a Greatest Hits album and the second a Christmas album which will both be in stores later this year.

This venture has been in talks for a while now, but neither Jay nor Be' (nor I...don't need a lawsuit) may speak of the details until the rapper is completely seperated from Def Jam. All I can tell you is that you can expect to hear a lot more about it around December to Mid-January. Listen to "Upgrade U" for little clues.


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