Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That's A Damn Shame

Okay, so rapper, Max B, and his ex-homie, Jim Jones have beef all of sudden, because Jimmy refused to bail Max out of jail for some reason. Look, don't expect a detailed explanation here. I hardly give a shit as it is. So, in this video spotted at, Max B and a bunch of known unknowns made a huge scene in the Taft Projects of Harlem (home of Jim Jones) calling Dipset a group of faggots, and threatening to kill Jim - you know the usual.

What sickens me about this clip is that there is a little 15-year old boy running around cursing up a storm and acting a fool, like he's grown or some shit. Do you see what we are teaching our youth of today? That kid needs to stop hanging with the goons and get his ass to a local library, grab him a Green Eggs & Ham, and empower his motherfucking education. Good Lord!


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