Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Vote Hell Fuck No!

This fall, my worst nightmare may become a reality...a reality series, that is. Choreographer to the stars and all around freak show, Laurie Ann Gibson, is shockingly working on an album [insert blood-curdling shriek here] . Not only that, but the recently abolished Making the Band dance coach is filming a reality show on the work.

Can I just say this? If Three 6 Mafia, Paula Abdul, Kimora Lee, those three Playboy hoes, and this bitch can all have reality shows, I should have one too. My life is just as interesting if not more.

The Laurie Ann Gibson Show (also titled "Making The Record" --bleck!) is in post-production and being shopped around as we speak. It will most likely be tossed into an MTV slot, where we can all throw our guts up watching Boom Kat in all her dramatic craziness prepare for failure. I love Grape Juice.


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