Friday, August 24, 2007

I Vote No

Missy Elliott is adding flair to a new ad campaign for Doritos Collisions, Billboard has learned. In a TV spot that debuts Sept. 17, Elliott is seen working on a new track and then pausing to snack on Doritos Collisions chips. Inspired by the two different-tasting chips in the same bag, Elliott has an epiphany: her song needs two different musical styles. So, she immediately injects her hip-hop track with a little bit of country twang. [ source ]

So Missy is in cahoots with Doritos now. How cliché is this mess? In that case, why doesn't Karrine Steffans partner up with Trojan Condoms for a new limited edition Supahead size? And while she's at that, Lil Wayne, Chingy, and Big Tigger can film a campaign for the Logo Network. Let's all just find the niche where we belong and work it, hell!


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