Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just Say No

FRIENDS are concerned about party-loving singer Amy Winehouse after she was hauled into a London hospital suffering from a drug overdose.

The stick-thin star needed an adrenaline shot - and had to have her stomach pumped, Britain's The Sun newspaper reported today.

Her record company claimed she was suffering from “severe exhaustion”.

Winehouse, 23 - who ironically counts Rehab among her hits - has already told of using marijuana and cocaine. [ source ]

It sucks when you have to live with the fact that one of your favorite artists is a junkie. Amy needs a hug and taste of the Holy Spirit (and probably a bag of Doritos). Hopefully all will go well and maybe she will realize that drugs and alcohol can destroy her. I'm still a fan and will continue to have her albums in heavy rotation, but to hell with seeing her perform live. After I heard she was getting high onstage and spitting on people in the audience I declared a decent "Fuck that!".


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