Tuesday, July 18, 2006

.. Sit Down ..

Guess who's remaking 50 Cent's record, "How To Rob".

"I'm jacking everybody. Even 50 and [Lil] Jon — they getting it too. At first I wasn't into talking about anybody...but I remember back in the day when a nigga ain't had nothing. He would do anything to get a little paper. I want to be where real hip-hop is. A lot of people say hip-hop is dead. Well, I'mma kill it for 'em. You gotta think: I'm a dude who can get crunk and spit," ~Lil' Scrappy

Nigga, sit your ass down! You mean you're actually admitting to using diss records to promote yourself? Why does everybody want to be 50 Cent? First it's Chris Brown's pokemon collecting ass, now this nigga. How pathetic can one person possibly be? Scrap', please go find yourself a hobby because your career is over. Your mouth look like you been suckin on lemons for a living.