Thursday, September 14, 2006

New So So Def Music

I had to give posting this tremendous thought, because I don't think there is anyone who would jump higher at the opportunity to run this kid over than I would. Regardless, music is music, entertainment is entertainment, and reporting it is what I do. Bow Wow recently took a minute to pull his head out of the yeasty vaginal cavities of his prostitute cronies, and got in the studio to record a new song. With the R&B vocals of the younger yet far taller heartthrob, Chris Brown, a track called "Shorty Like Mine" was slapped together. If you're hoping for a sui generis effort then you'll be quite dissapointed, but if you want to snap yourself to sleep tonight, you're in luck. This is just another silly "Crunk & B" record with some bumping bass accompanied by an 18 year old rapper trying to suck the talent away from Twista. Anyway, I'm sure that no matter what I think, this song will give your local 7th grade girls something to scream and get pregnant to.

Thanks for the tip, Mike

Bow Wow // Shorty Like Mine (f. Chris Brown)


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