Friday, September 08, 2006

Lil Fizz Doesn't Like...

First of all, I'd like to say that Lil' Fizz was expected to open the UCP concert yesterday, but was a no-show. What's that about, man? Anyway, on today's episode of 106 & Shit, Fizzo stopped by to premiere his new video for "Fluid". As he introduced it he said, "There's a new Mr. 106 & Park in town." As even I know, Bow Wow was dubbed Mr. 106 & Park quite a while back, so that comment got me to thinkin'. Also, Fizz has a line in his new single that goes,

Right, and even better
I be in Atlanta Green Phantom,
eatin dinner wit Ciara (woah)

We're all aware of who Ciara used to date and when Rocsi asked Fizz about this, he responded, "I just think she's hot and I wanted to shout her out." Riiight. I have a feeling Lil' Fizz isn't a Bow Wow fan. Hmmm.


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