Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ron Artest Shoots Video

Ron Artest of the NBA's Sacramento Kings is planning on shooting a video for his single, "Fever", in Las Vegas this weekend. The track is pulled from is upcoming album, My World, which will feature guest appearances by Mike Jones, DJ Kay Slay, Juvenile, Azzure and others. Athletes turned rappers; I never supported that movement.

In other Artest news, I've been hearing that the baller is going through some extreme baby mama drama. He recently went to court with his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Palma, and filed a motion to gain full custody of their young son, Jeron. Now from what I'm hearing, this case was made out of spite. The old couple had gone through their share of intense fights, including chokes, punches, and death threats. However, according to a close friend of the two, Artest continued to have sex with Jennifer even though he is now married to a woman named Kimisha. Now, when Jennifer found a new man and decided to stop sleeping with Ron, he felt scorned and not only started a custody battle for their son, but he also began to withold Palma's $2,800-a-month housing support.

I just want to hear what this nigga is going to say when the judge asks him what the grounds for his case are.

"Uh, well your honor, that bitch wouldn't give me no pussy. So, I figured what's the point of paying child support when shawty don't wanna fuck. I'm not gettin' nothin' out of it. You feel me?"


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