Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can I Take Ya' Order?

Wacky ass Tyra Banks...she's like a box of damn chocolates. According to rumors, she and Janet Jackson are looking to get hired at McDonald's. Don't worry, this is all a zany new ploy for Ty-Ty's talk show.

The concept came up after Jackson told Banks she'd really like to experience what it's like to "work the window at McDonald's" during a recent appearance on the former model's talk show. And Banks is now determined to join the pop superstar for an upcoming TV taping.

Jackson says, "I would love to do that... I think we would be good."

Now, Ms. Banks knows that her big ass head is not going to fit inside that tiny window. Then, Janet is going have Jermaine riding around the drive-thru all day asking for a McChicken with a side of badoosie. That episode is going to be a mess.


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