Monday, November 06, 2006

I Must Destroy!

Foxy Brown - she's just a big cesspool of drama, no? Check this out: Foxy and her old friend Jay-Z are supposedly having a few issues with each other. Sources say that Hov is pissed at her for not only bringing such bad publicity on herself, but for pushing her album, Black Roses, back to February 2007. Ratty Foxy on the other hand, has been badmouthing President Carter all over the media. She even claims that the rumor of him sleeping with Rihanna is true! Why can't we be friends?

Extra, Extra: Now, I'm hearing that Foxy's album has been axed by Def Jam entirely.

"The album has been plagued as a result of Foxy's hearing loss, constant legal woes and horrible publicity. Regardless, the label has poured tons of money into her project, pushed the album back four times, and Foxy still hasn't been able to produce anything but embarrassing editorial features." [ source ]

Oh well! Bitch, I don't need ya'.


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