Monday, November 27, 2006

The War of the Skeezers

Oh, Lord. The lacefronts are about to hit the fan! Champion cum-guzzler, Buffie the Body, recently shot an extra special pictorial for KING Magazine's 5th anniversay issue. Also along for the cover shoot were backshot veterans Trina, Mya, Reagan Gomez-Preston, and Melyssa Ford. Well, it seems Mel' and Buff' didn't exactly enjoy each other's company during the development. When KING asked Buffie how the shoot went, the video hoe stated the following:
Buffie: First off let me say that being in th presence of Mya, Trina, and Reagan made me feel like I've come far. They are so sweet and all have inviting attitudes. They're genuinely nice, sweet, professional women. It was an honor to be able to work with them.
KING: That's all well and good, but you're forgetting someone.
Buffie: [sigh] Like I said, those three women are very professional. I've never had any problems with KING since I've been in this industry - ya'll always been real with me, so I'm not gonna try and fuck up ya'll shoot. And I don't need to mention the person's name the people will figure it out themselves.
KING: Let's see, there was you, Mya, Trina, and Reagan. So that would leave...
Buffie: Put it like this: There's always one person who wants to be the class clown. I've been modeling for almost two years, and I've never experienced something so unprofessional before...
KING: You're preaching to the choir. But let's be real: You're a video model who blew up in an unprecedented way.
Buffie: Yep. I got thrown into this and rose to the top quick as hell. So of course they should feel a certain way about me, but why even put it out there and let it be known that you're a hater? You're finding it hard to deal with what another model is success. But it's nice to know that I have that much of an impact on females, that it makes them act out of their character - basically, act stupid.
No word yet on what actually went down between the two gonorrhea patients beautiful ladies, but I'm sure it was some petty, "you stole my MAC make-up/I wanted to wear those panties/you ain't that hot anyway, bitch" foolishness.


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