Monday, December 11, 2006

Nas Comments On Dipset

At a weekend show in Sacramento, CA, Nas appeared onstage in front of a large crowd of his fans and expressed his thoughts on The Harlem Diplomats in two little words - "Fuck Dipset". Wow, that was a comment that was long overdue, now wasn't it? I can't really make out much of anything else due to the poor audio quality in this clip, but I'm satisfied with what I got. It's about time somebody said it, hell.

Extra, Extra: Speaking of Dipset, SOHH has a strong feeling that this year's balltastic rapper Jim Jones (aka Pigpen), may have a new target for his dissing spree; and that would be a certain Tony Yayo. The two rappers made a few childish remarks at one another at the last Hot 97: Back To School concert, but that sort of shit is expected. Now, Jimmy can be seen doing the "Yayo Dance" towards the end of his video for the "We Fly High" remix. That was obviously his way of mocking the G-Unit jailbird.

I have a feeling diss records are going to be very common in 2007.


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