Friday, December 22, 2006

Skeezer Gets Sued

Hoes never win, do they? Well, not in this case. Carmen Bryan just got bitchslapped with a plagiarism lawsuit.

In a lawsuit filed in Columbus, Ohio Federal Court, Tannell Davis claims to have written the book, which originally had a working title of Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop...Oh, and Did I Mention Love?

The lawsuit alleges that Davis originally wrote and copyrighted Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop...Oh, and Did I Mention Love? and that Bryan plagiarized the original version and sold the new version to Simon & Schuster under the new titled It's No Secret. [ source ]

Okay, I'm confused as hell. I heard about Sex, Drugs, and Hip-Hop, but I thought it was the original name of Carmen's book. So, did she lie about sleeping with Jay-Z and Allen Iverson, or did both of these females sleep with them? Are hoes taking over the world? Oh Lord, I need to rest my brain.


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