Monday, February 26, 2007

JD Does It All

Jay-Z and Diddy better make room in the closet for Jermaine Dupri.

The newly appointed Island Records President is getting into the fashion fray with his own clothing line.

He revealed plans about a partnereship with rocker Travis Barker (of Blink 182 and + 44) and his clothing company, Famous Stars and Straps, to introduce a capsule collection of co-branded clothing.

"For the longest, everyone's been asking me when I was going to start a So So Def clothing line and why I didn't already have one," Dupri told The BV Newwire this afternoon. "And people always ask me where I get my clothes from. It's something I've been interested in for awhile, but wanted to create the right situation." [ source ]

I hear the premiere collection may include JD's favorite leather chaps. The ones with the platinum studs in the crotch just like Janet likes. They might be expensive, but you can't place a price on that kind of quality.


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