Friday, May 11, 2007

.. Rumor Mill ..

Sorry, for the lack of posts yesterday. I was at Mansion Nightclub all day long for the I Love NY Casting Call trying to get on Season 2. No luck, though. The directors said I didn't have the "flutter" they were looking for. Damn.

Anyway, I've been keeping my ear to the Miami streets and there is loose talk of a new diss record in the works. This time it is Trina who wants to bash 50 Cent! I managed to soak up this info: 50 was making some foolish remarks about Trina on his record "Fully Loaded Clip" and implied that she was messing around with Young Buck. This got Da Baddest Bitch heated and urged her to smash Fif on wax.

I have yet to hear this supposed diss track, but inside sources are saying that Trina herself confirmed that its coming. I guess she
won't need any of these. Get 'em girl!


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