Thursday, June 21, 2007

Young Buck Disses DJ Khaled

So, are you up for a lesson on the hot new trends in diss records? Cool, listen up. When a DJ refuses to play your music, call them out! It's as easy as that and in the end, you come out looking really cool. Just ask Young Buck!

Now that I released my sarcasm, let's be real. DJ Khaled is Terror Squad; Young Buck is G-Unit; Both camps have beef. Why would Khaled play Buck's music? This diss track is pointless. The Cashville rapper is basically whining the entire time and stating that Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and even Cool & Dre have his back. Imagine a toddler in a grocery store bitching that some other baby got a pack of Bubble Yum and he didn't - it's one in the same. And just for the record, do you even know the name of Buck's new single?

Didn't think so.


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