Monday, August 27, 2007

The Band Is Made

Willie; Robert; Mike; Qwanell; Brian
So, the live finale to Making The Band 4 aired last night on MTV. After weeks of waiting, millions of fans were finally set at ease when Diddy chose the members of his new group. While most people assumed that it would be a quartet, Diddy (predictably) instead decided to create a group of five guys at the last minute. Those lucky five were the gentlemen pictured above. In usual fashion, I'm gonna have to say that I hardly give a damn. I didn't watch most of the season, due to the fact that the estrogen levels spewing from my television set nearly caused me to sprout a breast. Men acting like women - shit ain't cute! Not to be a pessimistic bastard (ha ha), but I don't really see these fellas becoming the next New Edition. It's their job to change my mind.

In any case, I congratulate them as well as their fellow MTB4 cast-mate, Donnie, who in a turn of events only suitable for a Puff Daddy reality series, was announced to be signing on to Bad Boy as a solo artist. Yippee!


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