Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ozone Awards Recap

Well, I just woke up (took a piss and washed my hands) from a long night. Yesterday's 2nd Annual Ozone Award Show should probably win an award itself for being the most ghetto, most unorganized, and most confusing award show of the year. I loved every damn second of it. Let us recap, shall we?

Okay, first of all you should know that I run on what some call "CP time" so I was late to the Red Carpet which started at 4pm. I didn't stay outside too much, because Miami and Satan are having issues, so he decided to send some of that heat upstairs to us and your boy was not trying to get extra crispy. So, I shuffled past a few faces and went inside.

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Now, I had actually gone back up to the hotel when the show started, awaiting a few people who were attending with me. Apparently, those niggas are on CP time too. The award show began at 7pm - I got there @ 8:30pm. So, I'm only summarizing what I saw.

Like a real superstar I breezed past security and went up the escalators to The James L. Knight Center. Immediately as I stepped through the tall double-doors at the front, I was damn near KOed by the smell of weed and Black & Milds in the dark auditorium. People were already seated and a lot of sneak-in folks were walking around trying to find a free seat. Chingy had already decided to haul ass and pushed right past me. Guess he had a booty call waiting at Club Boi. I went to my table up front in Starville.

As I was being seated, there was a commotion onstage with an artist literally being pulled off by security. A shower of boos filled the large room and I was stuck wondering what was going on. The artist was DG Yola and he had supposedly been threatened and damn near killed on his birthday and security felt the need to draw him off before he could even perform his record. The crowd hollered "Play that shit!" in unison while Yola was escorted off.

Next up, Trina, Jacki-O, and K-Foxx hit the podium to present the award for Best MTV Jamz video. These women were dressed like three soft-boiled jackasses in superhero costumes. Trina as Wonder Woman, Jacki-No as Superwoman, and I honestly don't even know what the fuck K-Foxx was supposed to be. In any case, DJ Khaled's "We Takin' Over" won the award.

Young Jeezy and USDA performed and I looked for another bottle of Patron. They bore me.

Rich Boy and DJ Drama presented the award for Breakthrough Artist and Boosie won, but was not there to accept it. By now, it was about 9:30 and people had already started cutting the scene to get ready for the club.

Around this time is when I saw the host of the evening, Lil' Duval, who previously promised all the owners of indie labels, indie artists, and other companies that he would shout them out on-air. Charlie Murphy, who was also tapped as a host for the show, didn't bother coming to fill in his duty. Duval was a great host on his own. "I'm the best thing on this show", he claimed. I agreed at that point.

Lil' Scrappy and Crime Mob presented the award for Best Rap & R&B Collaboration. Plies and T-Pain suprisingly won. Insert clap here.

The Shop Boyz performed followed by Rich Boy and Polow Da Don. Insert yawn here.

By this time, an additional amount of viewers packed up and headed out. Rasheeda and Yung Joc presented Best Mixtape DJ to DJ Drama, who was one of the aforementioned additional amount.

Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zeke (album in stores now) presented Best Male Rap Artist. Lil Wayne won, but did not come out to accept. However, he wasn't gone.

Lil Duval came back onstage and continued his list of shout-outs and pronounced Lex Promotions wrong at first. So, I'm bigging them up the right way. Shouts to Lex Promotions & Marketing Group - the number one promo group in the south.

Rasheeda and Yung Joc came back out to present the awards for Best Radio DJ and Best Club DJ. "They dun ran out of presenters", Lil Duval yelled. Khaled won Best Radio and my big brother DJ Q45 won Best Club.

Finally we got another performance. T-Pain came out and sang "Buy U A Drank" with Yung Joc. After his song was through, Pain (with a complimentary bottle of Patron in his hand) took the time out to tell the people, "I'll take care of a nigga that I don't even know, before I take care of myself...coming straight from T-Pain heart, this what I'ma do for my dog". And on that note, DG Yola made his way back onstage, the instrumental to his "Ain't Gonna Let Up" booming through the room. The audience went bananas when they saw the same young rapper who was yanked off before come back and rock the stage. Directly after his song, Flo-Rida joined everyone on stage and performed his club banger, "Low" with T-Pain. Then even Plies came out and gave the crowd "Shawty". That was the set of the night.

Well, not only do I not want to spoil the rest of the show, I can't remember a lot of it (twisted). Just know that, Keak Da Sneak and Mistah Fab hit the stage repping the Bay Area. Brisco, Birdman, and Weezy F. performed last and I took my ass home. Like I stated at first, the show was ghetto, unorganized and confusing, but I had a great time.

You can watch the show for yourself on MTV Jams Labor Day Weekend if they ever finish editing all the profanity, drug use, and middle fingers out of it. Also, check back here later for a couple videos I took of the show.


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