Monday, August 27, 2007

Sit Ya'll Asses Down

Rappers are still picking on Kanye West - this time very irrelevant rappers. Niggas be trying to drag each other down to get to the top. Shit is sad!

In a recent interview, MIMS claimed that Kanye
stole his sound, which consists of sped-up soul samples. He stated, "I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first." What this One Hit Wonder fails to realize is that his mathematics are all wrong. Allow me to break it down - MIMS (Music Is My Saviour) was released in 2007. If he recorded it five years ago as he says, then he would have been working on this infamous sound in 2002. Kanye's first album, College Dropout, wasn't released until 2004, however he had been using said sound to produce beats for other rappers since 2000, which means he did it first. Shut down! Get back in the studio, Shawn!

Another rapper shooting barbs at 'Ye is Wine-O, from Houston, Texas. Now, I have only known Wine-O as the dude with the eye-patch that's on the 3rd page of damn near every issue of Ozone Magazine. So, it makes sense for him to pick on Negroes he doesn't know. He took the time to record a track called "911" in which he took Beanie Sigel's side and called Kanye gay. On the other hand, he also called out 50 Cent, saying that his nuts are so much bigger than Fif's. That, sir, is pretty damn gay! Shut down! You can listen to the wackest diss record of the year at
Wine-O's myspace.

Kanye I have your back for today...tomorrow may be different.


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