Friday, September 14, 2007

Who Gives A Shit?

“That’s the difference people don’t understand. Everyone talks about the beef I had with 50; he has beef with all types of rappers, but I’m the only rapper who went and handled my business and went and hollered at him man to man… And the moment I heard he had a record about me, I knew where he resided, I knew where he hung out, I went and seen and him. “Homie, you have a problem with me? What’s happening? You ain’t got to rhyme about it, I’m right here in front of your face.” So that’s how our situation took place, and I handled my business with 50 and 50 knows that. That’s why I’m such a threat to him, that’s why he doesn’t like me so much.” -- Ja Rule on beef with 50 Cent

Why are people still acknowledging Jeffrey? I thought this song was enough evidence that he is practically dead to the world. And instead of interviewers asking him questions about his next album that will never drop, they want to take it back to the dead ass 50 Cent beef. Will someone leave a rose by the grave of Ja's career, so it may rest in peace?


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