Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh Bitch Please!

"To be honest the process of selling this record hasn't been fun. I'm happy with the performance, but I'm not happy with the set up. We had conference calls and after we created this plan, nobody actually had a plan...It was the label. Their dropping the ball all over the place. I'll release my next album and then I'm a free agent." -- 50 Cent blaming Interscope on Kanye's lead in album sales.

Curtis is pulling an old negro trick out of the bag - when you lose something, blame the nearest white man in charge. Oh, because it is never your fault. There is no possible way that Fifty aka Ferrari, with all his gangsta swagger that has Ciara's coochie sweating, could possibly be outsold by sissy ass Kanye, right? Interscope is dead wrong for this!

Go cop that Graduation, ya'll.


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