Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Vote Hell Nah!

I am so pissed. In case you missed it, the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards just wrapped up a few minutes ago, and of course the whole show was wack. However, the entire buzz of the weekend was of Britney Spears making her big comeback with an opening act for the night. Now the reason I'm pissed is because I actually admitted to friends that I was excited to see this bitch perform; Britney, although I don't consider myself a fan, has always had memorable VMA performances and with this being one of such high anticipation, well I expected a great show. If I only knew...

Ms. Spears looked like she just got in from a Downtown Vegas crystal meth/crack smoking party. The lost pop star was stumbling around the stage looking high, drunk and fat as hell. She didn't even sing - there was a backtrack playing for her to lip sync to (which she also could barely do) so she would better be able to dance (which she sucked at). The outfit she vacuum-packed herself into looked like it was made in hell. Her weave was a thread away from death. The singer didn't seem into the set at all. The whole thing was embarrassing and I honestly felt pity for Britney. I think she should do herself a favor and die quit the biz.


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