Friday, September 07, 2007

Myspace Artist of the Month

Mighty Infamous

I've decided to start introducing every Myspace Artist of the Month through post, just to give them more notoriety. The artist for the month of September (yes, I'm late) is a young rapper from Bronx, New York. Mighty Infamous has been living in the sound of Hip-Hop since an early age. His aspirations to make it to the top were apparent, from the age of 10 when he made his own radio shows/freestlyes with the use of a tape recorder, to age 12 when he recorded his own songs with a handheld microphone. Infamous went through high school as the campus rap star and was eventually led to Howard Brown and HB Managment. With an individual and intricate style of lyricism, Mighty Infamous, who also produces music, is referred to as Bronx's "crown jewel" of the Underground. He has even had his music featured on Check him out.


If you think you should be the next Myspace Artist of the Month, then shoot me an email.


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