Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nobody Likes Liars

Apparently, there was some filthy gossip going around about Sean Kingston nabbing the starring role in the Notorious B.I.G. film. Who is to blame for the birth of this putridity? Sean Kingston, of course. Homeboy, went around telling folk:

“My management had told me about it. And then you know, I auditioned for it. And then I met with the director, the big director, and I nailed it. So he’s giving me a shot now, in being in the movie.”

Just when my heart hit the floor and began to disintegrated into nothingness, my girl Miss Info saved the day and brought the truth to the light! Wayne Barrow, who is Biggie's manager, friend, and executive producer for the highly anticipated biopic, warned her that nobody has been casted for any part in the movie and the search is still on!

So, is that how Sean Kingston's chubby behind plans on following up "Beautiful Girls"? With dirty, rotten, unforgivable lies? I demand punishment!

Check out for more info and audio of the quotes.


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