Friday, August 31, 2007

Shocking News

Apparently, Trina's album, The Baddest Chick 2, has been pushed back from September all the way to the top of next year. My friends, I am holding a heavy heart. I didn't see this coming at all (bitch please).

Slip-N-Slide Records “Home of the Hits” will continue to make its mark on the charts with upcoming releases by such notable artists as Rick Ross (“Trilla” – 11/11/07 Slip-N-Slide Records/Def Jam); the first lady of Slip-N-Slide Records Trina (“Da Baddest Chick Part 2 Reloaded” 2/18/08 Slip-N-Slide Records); Trick Daddy (Album Title TBD: Slip-N-Slide Records/Atlantic 2008) and Dirtbag (“Dirty Business” Slip-N-Slide Records 2008 ). [ source ]

Yeah, this all figures. Maybe the Ex-Mrs. Carter should start a vocational pole-dancing and booty-clapping course at Miami Dade College to earn some extra cash on the side. Then, she can push her album on her own and won't have to worry about this type of thing. Either that or apply at Chicken Kitchen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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