Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dame Drops Tribute to Jay-Z

Dame Dash has been invisible for a while and I actually liked it that way. Remember that Ultimate Hustler mess on BET? Talk about ignant television. Anyway, Damon's new hustle is a sort of Myspace ripoff called BlockSavvy. It comes complete with blogs, music, and members with lots of free time on their hands.

Now, Dame and his partner Biggs are releasing an album on the site called, Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a tribute to Jay-Z's legendary debut LP. It features artists performing their renditions to Jay's music. Dame recently spoke to MTV about the reasoning behind the tribute and the sentiment behind the original album.

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"It's a piece of us. It's the only thing we still own that has anything to do with Roc-A-Fella. So back then, and being a part of the DNA of Roc-A-Fella, I was always trying to figure out a way to celebrate it. I knew the 10th anniversary was coming up. I said, 'Let's do an album with all the relevant artists doing a rendition of Jay records.' But Jay said he didn't like it, so we scrapped it. ... You know what it was, he said the best record was Jimmy's, so he didn't want to put it out."

Um, if Jay didn't like it then, I don't think he will be jumping for joy about it now. Artists on the new album include Kanye West, Nicole Wray, Jim Jones, and even Cam'Ron (of all people). I'm not sure if Dame is paying homage to Jay or if he is paying homage to Reasonable Doubt and all of the work he put in to make it happen. Seems like a ploy to regain relevancy to me, but then again I'm an asshole!

You can check the album out online at BlockSavvy.com's The Leak.


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